Steel wheels

Car / Truck / SUV


Wheels manufactured for original equipment; their sizes and designs are defined by vehicle manufacturers. Available in 13” to 18” sizes and 4.0” to 8” widths.

Full Face

These wheels have no division between the disc and the rim, since the disc is part of the lip. They come in 16” to 18” diameters, and 6” to 8” widths.

Semi Full Face
All-steel wheel, assembled on the tire seat, with more detailed finishes that provide a better look than the traditional one. For cars and SUVs, with diameters ranging between 13” and 18”, and 4.5” to 8” widths.

Light load vehicles

No inner tube required to mount the tire. Widths range between 5,25, 6”, 6.75” and 7”, with diameters of 16, 17,5 and 19,5. Available in black, white, silver gray and chrome type metallic.

Heavy load vehicles

[Translate to Inglés:] Cofre - Rines de acero, Super Single

Super Single
These replace the dual mount used in rear trailer, semitrailer, and tank trucks. Wheel widths are 11,75", 13", and 14", with varying numbers of vents.

[Translate to Inglés:] Cofre - Rines de Acero, Tubeless

No inner tube required to mount the tire. Rim widths are 8.25” for 11,00 R22,5, and 295/75 22,5 tires, and 9" for 12,00 R22,5 and 305/60 R22,5 tires. They are available in two paint finishes: electrostatic and powdered paint, in the color of choice.


Super Single
These are used in sugar cane trucks; the tires mounted on these wheel types are 425/65 R22.5.

Agricultural trailers
Special wheels for dump vehicles. Currently produced in 17,5x20”; 22,5"x20,00", and 26,0x20,00" dimensions.